Conseptagons is SUPPORTED by the following friends:



Sunny Sounds Promotion

Inh. Mathias Adelmann
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DJ Taff Eventmanager/& Promoter




aka . Mr. Mountain is one of the longest friends of CONSEPTAGONS. He presented a Soloalbum in 2007 called “Letter to Africa”.









"I like Reggae because it brings people together. Some people might not even have similarities but they liste to the same music together. Anytime i look at the audience i see people from different cauntries with a variety of colours of skons and dissimilar backgrounds. It doesn't matter where you are from and what you came to do here. We are all here to listen to the music of Conseptagons which brings people closer."

MOritz was born in Gelsenkirchen in Germany.
Since 2005 he opened his base on Vienna to study.
During that time he got the chance to play with Conseptagons and up till today he is still a member of this band.

Moe said, it was one of his best decisions in life to play with Conseptagons.
Actually Moe was initially playing bass but he was fascinated by the instrument guitar.
He kept on to it and is presenhtly one of Conseptagons best players.
Moe brings his influences from Blues, Country and Rock into the band. He likes to see the fusion of different genres that make Conseptagons to that what they are.
After closing up his study he left Conseptagons to go back to Germany...



Our BANDPAPA and good friend Sammy the Bass R.I.P

we miss you and we will always love you!